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Welcome! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I am Veronica, founder and sole owner of Sensible Surroundings, LLC, located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA in an area called Bradford Woods. I started Sensible Surroundings because I love helping people and I love organization!  My thoughts on organization aren’t just to have your space look beautiful and orderly - even though that’s a nice perk, but also to be able to embrace more time in your life. I know we all love Pinterest and Houzz and watching HGTV but there is more to organizing than just aesthetics. Soooooo much more. 

To me, being organized has so much greater value. “Like what?” you might ask. Well, for one, in these busy, hectic and very exciting times we live in, we have so much we want to do and learn in a short 24 hour day that we don’t want to waste our day doing things that suck up our valuable time. Time wasters for some of us could be, searching for our keys, finding that favorite white top, running back and forth to the grocery store, figuring out what to make for dinner, and looking for random things throughout our home and office. For our kids it might be figuring out what the homework assignment was, finding their Social Studies book, or remember all the details that come with having a full schedule. Keeping track of all these things can be a challenge and cause our children stress. 

If we could all spend less time on these very frustrating time wasters, we could have more time to do what we really want to be doing. That could be spending time with our loved ones, working on a hobby, taking a class, exercising, relaxing, or whatever it is our heart desires. I was diagnosed as an adult with ADD. Because of this I had struggled in my younger life managing my time and space. Once I discovered how much being organized and maintaining an organized space and schedule, helped me to have a better quality of life, I wanted to learn more tricks and tips, and I have become truly passionate about the different ways to better myself through organization and time management. 

I love how it has changed my life and I know I can help others transform their space and time into something that works for them and not against them. My goal is not to just organize your space so that when it gets disorganized you call me again because of frustration. No No No.... My desire is to work with you to come up with a sensible solution that you as well as your whole family can find easy to maintain. On this blog I plan to share ways to improve your space and time management with helpful and simple tips I have learned through my research and implementing these processes in my own life.

Thank you so much for being here and I look forward to hearing about your struggles and solutions in the world of organization! 

Talk soon!


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